Massoud Ali-Mohammadi

Iranian ministry of intelligence announced that it has identified a network of spies linked to Israel’s intelligence service Mossad and arrested the perpetrators of Iranian physicist, Massoud Ali-Mohammadi’s assassination.

In an announcement issued today, January 10, the intelligence ministry stated that it has broken a “network comprised of spies and terrorists” linked to Israel and has succeeded in arresting the culprits in the assassination of Iranian scientist, Massoud Ali-Mohammadi who was killed by a bomb explosion in Tehran in December of 2009.

The ministry states that the identification and arrest of these individuals was made possible through months of “covert efforts and complicated activities and a series of offensive and defensive operations in order to penetrate the Israeli intelligence.”

The announcement goes on to add that they have ascertained that Mossad has been using bases in a number of European, non-European and also neighbouring countries of Iran but no further details about these bases and their operations were discussed.

Iranian authorities had previously accused Israeli and US intelligence services of the assassination of Massoud Ali-Mohammadi and the US and Israel had both denied any involvement in this act.

Last month another Iranian physics professor, Majid Shahriyari was assassinated in Tehran.

On the same day, Fereydoon Abbasi Davani, another Iranian physicist was also the target of a failed assassination attempt.

Islamic Republic authorities link these terrorist attacks with foreign efforts to stop Iran’s nuclear advancements.

They also accused United Nation Security Council of instigating these attempts by publishing the names if Iranian nuclear scientists in its resolutions to impose sanctions on Iran.

Fereydoon Abbasi Davani’s name has been mentioned in a UN resolution.