Afghanistan Chamber of Commerce and Industry warned Iran that if it does not end the blocking of transit fuel trucks to Afghanistan, they will cut off all relations with Iran.

Mohammad Ghorban Haghjoo, head of Afghanistan Chamber of Commerce and Industry told a press conference in Kabul that they urge Iran not to mix political issues with trade.

Since about two months ago, 1900 fuel trucks which Afghanistan has bought from Iraq and Turkmenistan have been stopped by authorities in Iranian territory.

While the price of fuel has surged 50 percent in Afghanistan and the situation has wreaked havoc in Afghan market, Iran insists that the fuel trucks are headed for NATO forces.

Diplomatic efforts to solve the situation in a visit from Hamid Karzai’s chief deputy has resulted in no positive response from Iran and now the head of Chamber of Commerce and Industry has warned Iran that they will not only stop all import and export relations with Iran, but they will also suspend all investment by Afghan investors in Iran.

Mohammad Ghorban Haghjoo added that the trade activities between the two countries is about 800 million dollars and maintained that Afghan investor are very active in Iranian economy.

Haghjoo also urged Afghan government to use the regional organizations of ECO and SAARC to pressure Iran into cooperation and also investigate alternative routes of fuel delivery.

Earlier Afghanistan Traders Union accused Iran of violating its agreements with Afghanistan and also hundreds demonstrated in front of Iranian embassy to protest against the blocking of the fuel trucks.