Ayatollah Ahmad Jannati

Iranian hardliner, Ahmad Jannati continued slamming the reformists in the Friday Mass Prayers in Tehran today. The head of Iran’s Guardian Council ridiculed Mohammad Khatami’s conditions set for the participation of reformists in the elections and said: “The people do not believe in you. Who would vote for you?”

Jannati maintained that the reformists should completely withdraw form Iranian politics.

He accused the reformist of being anti-Revolutionary and using the words of the Supreme Leader, Ayatollah Khamenei, said that they “failed their test” in the past elections.

The Islamic Republic hardliners say that the challengers of Ahamdinejad’s victory in the past election were involved in a conspiracy to topple the government.

The opposition however denies these allegations and insists that the ballot was rigged and call for open and transparent elections which they claim is fully guaranteed in the existing constitution.

Mohammad Khatami recently told the reformist MPs that they can participate in the next parliamentary elections only if the all political prisoners are released, political parties are allowed open activity and the elections are conducted in a legal and open manner.