An American woman, arrested by Iranian authorities in the Iran-Armenia borders, has been accused of espionage.
Fars news agency reports that a “knowledgeable source” has informed them that a customs officer arrested the American woman in Nordouz border in north-western Iran.

The source has added that the 55-year-old US citizen, identified as Hal Talayan, had entered Iran without a visa from Armenia and was carrying “spying technology in her teeth.”

She had reportedly told Iranian officials that if she was returned to Armenia, she would be killed by the security forces of that country.

While Fars news agency has not released any more details about the arrest, the new was also reflected in international media including Associated Press, Reuters and Al-Jazeera.

The US government has so far made no official statements in connection with this arrest.

In summer of 2009, Iran also arrested three American citizens who claimed they had accidentally strayed into Iranian territory from Iraq and accused them of espionage.

Shane Bauer, Sarah Shourd and Josh Fattal were arrested in 2009 and while Sarah Shourd was released on bail in September of 2010, her two companions are still in Iranian custody.

The US denies the espionage charges against its detained citizens and has repeatedly called for their release. Iranian authorities maintain that they would have to go through appropriate judicial procedures to determine their situation.