Seven prisoners were hanged this morning in Iranian north western city of Kermanshah on drug charges.

Iranian media confirmed the news reporting that Mojtaba Maleki, Kermanshah Prosecutor said: “According to the law, any forms of supply or distribution of more than 30 grams of Heroin gets the death penalty and in the files of these individuals, we can see between 5 kg to even 100 kg of crack.”

He added: “Some of these individuals have a long history of carrying and distributing drugs and they had been subject to Islamic clemency several times but unfortunately returned to committing the same crimes.”

Maleki stated that all seven had applied for a pardon twice which was turned down and therefore the sentence had to be carried out.

Yesterday Qom prosecutor announced the execution of eight people in their central prison. He added that these eight individuals were hanged last week on drug charges.

Two days ago another four prisoners were hanged in Sistan-Baluchistan also on drug charges.

The Islamic Republic also executed two political prisoners last week which brings the number of people executed in the past week in Iran to 21.

The UN has expressed grave concern over the increase in the number executions carried out in Iran.