Abbas Jafari Dowlatabadi

Tehran Prosecutor, Abbas Jafari Dowlatabadi told worshippers in Tehran’s Friday Mass Prayers that the “leaders of sedition” will be prosecuted and the charges against them are very heavy.

The question of prosecuting the opposition leaders, which the Islamic Republic establishment refers to as “leaders of sedition”, has come to focus in the past week as top figures of the state make repeated announcements regarding the post-election protests and insist that the challengers of the 2009 presidential elections are guilty of trying to topple the regime.

“The charge against the leaders of sedition is creating the Green Movement, disrupting national security and creating unrest,” Jafari Dowlatabadi maintained. “According to the law, punishment for those who disrupt national security and set up groups and gangs is very heavy; they should not think that they can hide behind protests.”

He added: ‘The charges against the leaders of sedition are much heavier than they think and when we have prepared their indictment, they will find out.”

Dowlatabadi went on to criticize the recent statements of former Iranian president, Mohammad Khatami, saying: “We hear some leaders of sedition setting condition for the Islamic Republic. They should not think they can pretend to set conditions for us. It is the regime that has to set conditions for them and the very first one is their prosecution.”

Mohammad Khatami told a group of reformist MPs on Wednesday  that the reformist faction of the Islamic Republic can only participate in the next elections if the establishment guarantees “healthy elections.”

He called for the release of political prisoners, open political space for all parties, complete adherence to the provisions of the constitution as well as open and healthy elections.