Heydar Moslehi

Iranian intelligence minister, Heydar Salehi accused the opposition of making detailed plans to eliminate religion from Iran.
In Qom’s Feizieh Seminary School, Moslehi referred to a “moving document” which delineates the “overthrow of religion in Iran.”

Moslehi said that the document has been examined by an expert who has identified the writers of the document. He added that the literature of this text corresponds with that of the Toudeh Party, Iran’s first communist party.

Iranian conservatives have repeatedly accused the reformist factions of sedition. They have now taken the attacks against the reformists a step further by accusing them of being against religion.

Pro-government media have referred to Alireza Beheshti, a top MirHosein Mousavi aide, as the author of this document.

Alireza Beheshti is the son of prominent cleric, Ayatollah Beheshti who was killed in the early years of the Islamic Republic in an explosion at the office of Islamic Republic Party which he had founded.

Alireza Beheshti who was also in charge of the opposition’s committee for investigating the post-election violence, was arrested twice in the post-election crackdown on protesters and released on bail.

The Minister of Intelligence stressed that the “sedition” has been twenty years in the making and maintained that a “soft war” is being waged against the Islamic Republic by “creating public discontent through highlighting shortcomings on the economy, by creating social NGO’s that follow their agenda and by using widespread psychological and media strategies to show the government is ineffective.”