Tehran in a daze of pollution

Air quality in Tehran has reached warning levels while some Iranian media report that air pollution in some parts of the capital has already created emergency conditions.

Tehran Air Quality Control Centre announced that the capital’s air quality is “unhealthy” and predicted that the pollutants will keep rising until Friday when movement of fresh air masses may affect some change.

ISNA reports that since November 5, the air quality index has been in the healthy range for only five days. In addition, air pollution control centres for the city have been shut down for the past ten days for technical reasons.

ILNA reports that in certain parts of the city, the air quality has passed the warning levels and is already in the emergency range.

Tehran Air Quality Control Centre has urged Tehran citizens suffering from heart and lung complications as well as seniors and children to refrain from prolonged activities outside and everyone is advised to reduce long and straining activities in the open.