Hundreds of retired workers in Yazd have signed a petition addressed to President Hassan Rohani calling for increases in their Social Security payments to match the rate of inflation.

ILNA reports that the 700 retirees indicate that over the past four years, their pension payments have fallen behind the official inflation rate by 27 percent, and pensioners have had to rely financially on their families to meet their needs.

The petition refers to article 96 of social security regulations, which stipulates increases in pension payments commensurate with the inflation rate, and since the official rate of inflation has been put at 38 percent, they have called for a similar increase in their pension payments in the coming year. (The Iranian calendar year begins March 21).

In a recent speech in Hormozgan Province, Rohani promised a drop in inflation, saying already they had managed to bring the rate from 42 percent down to around 35 percent, and he predicted a further reduction to 25 percent in the coming year.