The UN Secretary General has called on UN member states to assist in relocating members of the People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran now in Iraq.

Ban Ki-moon announced on Wednesday October 23 that in compliance with international human rights provisions, as the head of the United Nations he is committed to resolving the situation of the PMOI members, who have been moved from Camp Ashraf to Camp Liberty in Iraq.

The UN Secretary General emphasized the need for a quick resolution in this matter.

The Iranian dissident group PMOI was settled in Camp Ashraf, Iraq during the Iran-Iraq War, when it enjoyed the support of the Saddam Hussein government. With the U.S. invasion of Iraq, the camp was put under U.S. authority. The current Iraqi government has called for their removal from the country.

Ban Ki-moon announced that 240 of the PMOI members in Iraq have already been accepted by other countries and 3,274 of them still remain at Camp Liberty.

The UN has set up a special fund for the relocation of the PMOI members from Iraq, and the UN General Secretary called on member states to contribute to it.