Ebrahim Hosseini, a deputy commander of the Revolutionary Guards in the western Iranian province of Kurdistan, has announced that two people from the Selfi group were killed and other were arrested during recent operations in Sanandaj.

The Selfis are a group of Muslims that advocate a returns to the absolute laws and traditions of the Quran.

“In a well organized operation and with reliance on data provided by Basij forces, a group from the terrorist Selfi organization was arrested and two of them were killed in a deserted village of Sanandaj,” Hosseini told Fars news agency.

In the wake of this news, there are unconfirmed reports that two government officials were killed by unidentified culprits last night in a Sanandaj neighbourhood.

Yesterday, the militant Kurdish group PJAK claimed responsibility for an attack on a border station in Marivon, which they said was being used to target PJAK bases with artillery fire. Official state reports confirmed the death of four security personnel at the station.

Following this event, Islamic Republic military forces have started bombing border areas. Iraqi Kurdistan media reports that the bombings have forced residents of border villages to leave their homes.

PJAK forces are reportedly based in Iraqi territory that borders Iran. Iraqi Kurdistan authorities have protested against the extension of Islamic Republic aggression into their territory.