Alireza Taheri – Hadi Heydari – Mohammad Shafii

Three Iranian detainees, Hadi Heydari, a journalist and Mohammad Shafii and Alireza Taheri, two political activists were released yesterday from Evin Prison.

Fatemeh Arabsorkhi, another activist who was arrested at the same time still remains in custody, according to opposition websites.

Hadi Heydari, Fatemeh Arabsorkhi, Mohammad Shafii and Alireza Taheri were summoned last Sunday by the ministry of intelligence and arrested on the charge of failure to cooperate with the authorities, Kaleme website reports.

Fatemeh Arabsorkhi, is the daughter of prominent detained reform figure, Feizollah Arabsorkhi who was arrested in the post-election crackdown on the protesters of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s re-election. Fezollah Arabsorkhi, whi was temporarily released on bail in back in Evin Prison now and has been sentenced to six years in jail for the charge of “activities against national security and propaganda against the regime.”

Jaras website also reports that Adel Mohammad Hosseini, another member of the Islamic Participation Iran youth branch was arrested yesterday and the charges against him have not been announced yet.