Sistan-Baluchistan border commander Raham Bakhshi denies recent reports that Iran and Pakistan have exchanged mortar fire along their borders.

On Friday October 24, the Sama Pakistani network quoted that country’s security forces saying Iranian forces had fired six mortars into Pakistani territory. Pakistani officials confirmed that Iranian mortars had targeted spots three kilometres into Pakistani territory, but there have been no reports of casualties.

Last week, armed conflict along the same border led to the death of two Iranian border officials and a Pakistani paramilitary, and three others were injured.

Iran reported that Iranian forces were in the process of preventing the illegal entry of gunmen into Iranian territory.

The Pakistani foreign ministry summoned the Iranian ambassador in Islamabad because of the incident and expressed serious concern.

Iran has been critical of Pakistani security measures along its borders. Following last week’s incident, a top Pakistani military official travelled to Iran to discuss how to promote border security between the two countries.