Milad Tower

The CEO of Tehran’s Milad Tower, Farzad Hooshyar, announced that the tower light will be extinguished for an hour on April 2 “to mark the Martyrdom of Muslim Saint Zahra.” According to Fars News, the tower will be closed on April 2 and 3 for the same reason.

Milad Tower is one of Tehran’s most popular attractions during Norooz celebrations, which end today. This year, 587,000 people reportedly visited the tower in the first 12 days of the Iranian New Year. The 435-metre tower is the Iranian capital’s chief landmark.

The one-hour blackout of the tower comes a few days after the globally promoted Earth Hour, a worldwide movement organized by the World Wide Fund for Nature, which encourages everyone to turn off non-essential lights for a hour from 8:30 PM on the last Saturday of March.

Milad Tower observed an hour of blackout last Saturday at 8:30 PM in recognition of Earth Hour.