Iran and Russia have begun talks on the “Step by Step” plan proposed by Russians to resolve the impasse reached in the nuclear negotiations between the Islamic Republic and the G5+1.

ISNA reports that the first round of talks took place on August 14 in Tehran. Saeeh Jalili, head of Iran’s National Security Council met with Nicolai Patrushev, his Russian counterpart in Tehran discussing “ways of expanding and deepening mutual relations as well as relevant regional and international issues.”

Iranian media also reports that Ali Akbar Salehi, Iranian foreign minister will soon travel to Russia to meet the Russian FM to discuss the “step by step” plan.

The “step by step” plan proposes to reward Iran with loosening of international sanctions every step of the way as Iran adequately responds to questions posed by the IAEA about its nuclear program.

Earlier an Iranian MP and member of the National Security and Foreign Policy of Iranian Parliament announced that Iran will cooperate in the plan.

Russia has also presented the US and China with the proposed plan. The US has announced that it will review the plan but so far has made no further remarks.

The West insists that Iran’s nuclear program may be a front for military aims but Iran has repeatedly said that all its nuclear ambitions are peaceful.