Russia has criticized the latest vote in the U.S. Congress to tighten sanctions against Iran, stressing that it does not help resolve the nuclear disputes.

Reuters reports that Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Gennady Giltov said: “Any additional sanctions are actually aimed at the economic strangulation of Iran but not at solving the problem of non-proliferation. What has been done through the Security Council is quite adequate and sufficient."

The U.S. Congress passed a bill on Wednesday to impose further sanctions on Iran’s oil exports; however, there are still more steps before the bill becomes law.

A number of world leaders have expressed hope that Iran’s new administration, which was elected on a platform of moderation, could help resolve the nuclear disputes.

Russian President Vladimir Putin is set to meet Hassan Rohani, Iran’s new president, in Kyrgyzstan in September, and the nuclear negotiations are a top item on their meeting agenda.