Iranian President Hassan Rohani said upon his return to Tehran on the night of Monday September 29 that he had met with British Prime Minister David Cameron at Britain’s invitation, adding that Cameron subsequently ”gave a wrong and unacceptable statement in his speech.”

Rohani met with the British Prime Minister on the sidelines of the UN General Assembly in New York last week.

Iranian media report that according to President Rohani: “In this meeting, several good things were discussed, but clearly as in all discussions, not all issues were agreed upon. There are also some differences of opinion.”

He added that the British Prime Minister made a wrong statement in his speech and Iran’s Foreign Ministry immediately made an appropriate response.

He said the British leader wanted to have a meeting, which was accepted. He added that the discussions were on three topics: “nuclear talks, which was a good discussion but there were some differences; instability in the region, in which we discussed how the Western approach needed to be corrected in this regard; and we also discussed bilateral relations.”

Hours after his meeting with President Rohani, Cameron gave his UN speech, calling Iran a supporter of terrorist groups and saying Iran must change its nuclear program and the way it treats its people.

His statements were heavily criticized by the Iranian Parliament, and the Iranian Foreign Ministry responded that the growing threat of ISIS in the region has been due to the West’s previous support of these forces.