Iranian president Hassan Rohani told reporters it is possible to reach a final nuclear agreement since consensus has been reached between Iran and the 5+1 on most of the general issues.

IRNA reported on Wednesday October 22, Rohani spoke of the nuclear talks in his trip to Zanjan saying: "Consensus has been reached on almost all general issues; of course, these general issues do have details that are of importance to both sides."

He added that "good steps have been taken to reach a final agreement" and maintained that although he had hoped for more progress at this stage, there is still enough time to reach deal.

The parties had agreed to reach a final deal by the end of November.

"We will not go back to the previous situation," Rohani spoke of the nuclear dispute; "our situation will alter for sure. We will achieve a resolution and if not, we have other solutions in mind."

He went on to add: "The rationale of the government, the people and the leader is that by making our negotiations transparent to the global eye, we will establish that we have acted rationally and that only unreasonable and excessive demands have caused the delays."

There has been little progress reported to the media in the latest rounds of nuclear talks which are still ongoing.