Iran executed ten more people, including five Afghans, on Monday in Mashhad’s Vakilabad Prison, the International Campaign for Human Rights in Iran reports.

The Campaign says the prisoners were executed on drug charges. Quoting “reliable sources,” the Campaign reports that dozens of prisoners are being "secretly" hanged on drug charges in Iranian prisons.

The executions on February 7, says the report, were carried out “without prior notification to the lawyers, the families or even the prisoners.”

With regard to the secret executions at Vakilabad Prison, the Campaign says: “Mashhad coroner has been issuing death certificates for the prisoners a day before their execution.”

The Campaign says this practice violates Islamic Republic laws and reveals the government’s “obstinate insistence in these arbitrary and hasty executions.”

The secret mass execution of 10 other prisoners at Vakilabad Prison was reported last December.

The Campaign has expressed grave concern over “secret executions” in Iran, insisting that official statistics are just a fraction of the the actual number being carried out across the country.

Rights groups have condemned the Islamic Republic’s use of execution as “a tool to suppress dissidents and create fear among the people.”