Peymon Aref

Iranian political activist Peymon Aref has been arrested once again, just days after his release.

The Rahana Human Rights House of Iran reports that Aref went to Evin Court today for processing of the charges against him and he was arrested once more.

Aref was previously arrested, along with fellow activists Assal Esmaizadeh and Sharar Konour Tabrizi, on Sunday in Beheshte Zahra Cemetery. They were visiting the grave of Neda AghaSoltan, the young woman who was shot to death on the streets of Tehran during election protests in June 2009. The activists were released one day later.

After his release, Aref told the International Campaign for Human Rights in Iran that there are no laws against visiting a grave and no arrest warrants were issued. He added that even after their arrest, they were not charged with any crimes.

Today, the other two activists reportedly were released while Aref was rearrested.

Aref is a journalist and former student activist. He is a member of the National Front Alumni Organization.

In the crackdown on protesters who challenged Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s victory in the 2009 presidential election, Peymon was arrested twice and served two one-year sentences.

A Tehran Revolutionary Court also sentenced him to 74 lashes for insulting the president, which was carried out last month at the end of his one year sentence. He has also been banned from journalism and political activism.