Jafar Mili Monfared

The proposed minister for the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology told ILNA that universities must expand the humanities branch of study and work toward increasing students’ volunteer contributions to society.

Describing the humanities as the most essential field of human knowledge, Jafar Mili Monfared added: “Research and analysis in any aspect of the humanities must not be ignored or overlooked.”

He stressed that eliminating the humanities is not an effective policy, as “prohibition and elimination feeds the desire for things and paves the way for unofficial expansion in that field.”

He stressed: “Expanding the humanities, women’s studies and scores of other subjects is vital.”

Mili Monfared also emphasized the need for improved administration of official student volunteer programs in various field and a commitment to bringing back an atmosphere of energy and activity to universities and young people.

He also denounced the recent practice of dismissing or giving early retirement to university professors and he criticized the practice of labeling students as “starred” and preventing them from finishing their studies.

In recent years, many student activists have been suspended from universities after being identified as “starred.”

Mili Monfared said single-gender universities can be a positive addition to the university landscape, giving more choice to students as they seek the right milieu for pursuing higher education.