Press TV reporter Serena Shim, who recently reported that Turkish security forces had accused her of spying, has been killed in an automobile accident.

Press TV reported on Sunday that Serena Shin was killed in an accident in Turkey near the Turkey-Syria border while covering news of ISIS.

Press TV, the English-language section of Fars News, along with Tabnak and the Turkish online magazine Sunliurfa, reported on Shim’s death and her earlier report of the espionage accusations against her.

On Friday during a TV report, Serena Shim said Turkish Security officials had accused her of spying. She stressed that she has never done anything other than journalism but added that she was in fear for her safety.

Shim died when she was returning from an assignment near the Syrian-Turkish border and her vehicle collided with a concrete mixer.

Shim had covered news in Lebanon, Iraq and Ukraine. The 30-year-old reporter had Lebanese-U.S. citizenship. The videographer accompanying Serena Shim in the vehicle was also injured and is being treated in hospital.