The head of Press TV's English Newsroom Hamidreza Emadi has announced that the death of its reporter Serena Shim in Turkey is "suspicious."

"The Turkish government is accountable to the global public opinion and to journalists as Ms. Shim's suspicious death comes right after she made a number of critical reports regarding Turkish authorities," Emadi said according to IRNA.

He stressed that Press TV reserves the right to full investigations regarding Serena Shim's death.

Serena Shim was reportedly killed on Sunday October 19 in an accident in Turkish territory near the border with Syria while covering the activities of Sunni extremist group ISIS in the region. Her videographer, the other passenger in the vehicle, was injured in the accident and is currently in hospital.

On Friday, while on air, Shim accused Turkish authorities of harassing her with false accusations. She said that she was being pursued by Turkish security officials over allegations of espionage and stressed that she has never done anything other than her duties as a conscientious reporter and journalist. She also stated that she was in fear of her life.

Serena Shim was a 30-year-old mother of two. She held Lebanese-American citizenship and had covered news for Press TV, the English language branch of Islamic Republic News Agency in Lebanon, Iraq and Ukraine.