The narcotics police chief of Iranshahr was killed on Wednesday February 26 in the course of an armed conflict.

Iranian media report that Colonel Norbakhsh Dehghan was killed in confrontation with “armed bandits and smugglers.”

According to the report, “two of the armed bandits” were also killed in the incident.

The news comes a day after the media reported the death of seven soldiers and four “armed bandits” in the city of Kharameh in Fars Province.

The head of the Fars Security Police reported that the incident occurred when the police were informed that “a group of armed bandits from Sistan-Baluchistan were planning the transfer and distribution of drugs to Fars Province.” According to Brigadier General Cyrus Sajjadian, four tons of drugs were recovered during police operations.

Drug traffickers usually bring drugs into Iran by crossing the border from Pakistan and Afghanistan and then distributing the contraband into different provinces. A large portion of those drugs is passed on to Turkey for distribution in European countries.