At least 70 people were killed when an Iranian Boeing 727 passenger airliner crashed in northwestern city of Urumieh Sunday due to bad weather.

Iranian media reported that the flight 277 was carrying 92 adult passengers, two children and 12 crew members.

Media reports indicate that the plane failed to land in Urumieh airport and after leaving the airport to return into another landing position, it disappeared from the radar.

The difficulty in landing has been attributed to bad weather conditions as today two other flights from Tehran to Urumieh were cancelled due to bad weather.

According to Red Crescent official, Heydar Heydari, 70 people have already been pronounced dead and another 32 people were injured.

An official told Mehr news agency that while the airplane has been smashed into pieces, it did not explode. He added that there is 70 to 80 centimetres of snow in the crash site which has strained rescue efforts.