Iranian opposition leader Mehdi Karroubi, who has been under house arrest since February of 2011, has been allowed to be transferred to his home in Jamaran, where he will remain under house arrest.

Saham News reported on Saturday February 1 that Karroubi was returned to his own home after three years.

Karroubi’s sons have been quoted as saying that in fact their father’s house arrest starts from this day because prior to this he was being held in a so-called safe house of the intelligence ministry. His family was relentless in complaining about the poor conditions of those accommodations. A lack of fresh air and adequate sunlight triggered various health complications for Karroubi.

Mohammad Hossein Karroubi had said that his father had to undergo four surgeries in a span of eight months.

Karroubi’s sons have repeatedly called for their father to be given an official trial so that he might have a chance to defend himself in public.

Mehdi Karroubi and MirHosein Mousavi, who were candidates in the 2009 presidential election, were put under house arrest for challenging the legitimacy of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s victory in the elections and questioning the vote count.

The two candidates have been cut off from the public since 2011, and although no official charges have been laid against them, the establishment has referred to them as leaders of sedition.