Mansour Haghighatpour

The deputy head of Iranian Parliament’s foreign policy and national security commission welcomes the establishment of a committee for the return of Iranians living abroad, saying: “It would not be acceptable to bar Iranians from visiting their country just because of signing a petition or political statement.”

Mansour Haghighatpour said those who “have not sold themselves to aliens can return to their country.”

The Fararo website quotes Haghighatpour saying: “Those who left the country because of political reasons but have not committed any crimes should have no fear of returning to the country.”

Consular and Parliamentary Deputy of Foreign Affairs Hassan Qashqavi announced in November that a committee for the return of Iranians living abroad has been established in the ministry of intelligence.

Haghighatpour said: “Those who have not committed murder or theft, not sold themselves to aliens or supplied them with information about the country, have not collaborated with Israel do not actually face any problems for returning to the country.”

Iranian President Hassan Rohani has called for the return of all Iranians from abroad, asking for their financial, scientific and moral support to rebuild the country.