Farhad Rahbar

Iran’s Ministry of Science has announced that Farhad Rahbar’s four-year term as president of the University of Tehran has ended and he will now be replaced by Mohammad Hossein Omid, the financial deputy of the science ministry.

Farhad Rahbar told the Mehr News Agency on Tuesday February 18 that he was informed of his termination but has not yet received the official letter.

Tehran University is one of the country’s top universities, and the change in its leadership has been a topic of discussion since Hassan Rohani became president in August of 2013.

Rahbar was appointed to the head of Tehran University in February of 2007.  Toward the end of his own presidency, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad called for Rahbar’s removal, accusing him of “having an unscientific, security-laden and politically motivated approach.”