The International Campaign for Human Rights in Iran reports that 45 Iranian political prisoners are going on a one-day hunger strike to mark 40 days since the execution of two Kurdish political prisoners, Habibollah Golparipour and Reza Esmaili, and to protest against the death penalty.

The names of the hunger strikers have not been announced; however, one has reported that most of them are other Kurdish political prisoners. At least 12 of them are also on death row.

Political prisoners in Rejai Shahr Prison in Karaj have issued a statement regarding the hunger strike, blaming the rise in the number of executions on “extremists in the Iranian government” and criticizing the government of Hassan Rohani for failing to speak out against the trend.

The statement condemns the recent executions in Kurdistan and Sistan-Baluchistan and calls for all death sentences in Iran to be suspended.

The report indicates that prisoners from Rejai Shahr, Oroumiyeh, Qezel Hessar, Minab, Kerman and Saqez Prisons are among the participants in today’s hunger strike.