Ahmad Tavakoli

Iranian MP Ahmad Tavakoli commented on the sentence given to former Tehran prosecutor Saeed Mortazavi, saying: “Mortazavi’s actions harmed the integrity of the system much more than the sentence he was handed by the judiciary.”

Mortazavi and two other judiciary officials were accused in the case regarding the torture and death of detainees in Kahrizak Prison.

Tavakoli added that the charges against Mortazavi had to be openly discussed, so there could be some form of closure.

The three judiciary officials were tried behind closed doors. For the charge of illegal arrest, they were permanently barred from taking any judiciary position and they must wait five years before accepting any public employment.

Saeed Mortazavi was found not guilty in the death of one of the detainees, Mohammad Kamrani, but was fined 200,000 rials for issuing a false report.