Hamid Chitchian

Iranian Minister of Power Hamid Chitchian told a meeting for the rescue of Lake Oroumiyeh today that the correct approach is not to point fingers at perpetrators of the crisis but rather to find solutions.“

All our actions and those of the people in the region have led to the current situation,” Chitchian said; “therefore we are all at fault.”

He added: “If anyone is the target of finger pointing at these gatherings, they should avoid taking a defensive stance because we are trying to find solutions, we’re not seeking the perpetrators to submit them to trial."

Lake Oroumiyeh, Iran's largest inland lake, has been drying out at an alarming rate in recent years, and the government has been looking for ways to reverse this process.

The gathering on Thursday was attended by environment experts, officials from the ministry of power and department of the environment, university professors and NGOs.

The overbuilding of dams on the waters that feed the lake, deep well digging and agricultural development in the region are among the many causes listed for the falling water levels in Lake Oroumiyeh.

President Hassan Rohani’s administration has emphasized that the protection of Lake Oroumiyeh is one of its top priorities and it has already created a delegation to come up with practical solutions for the current problem.