Iranian parliament questioned reports of bad weather as cause of the recent crash of Iran Air Boeing in northwestern Iran and claimed investigations have so far uncovered possibility of mechanical failure or even pilot error.

“It is unacceptable and incredible that right after the crash bad weather was announced as the cause the crash,” Mohsen Narimon, a member of the parliament’s developments commission told Mehr news agency.

He said: “The flight had been cleared for its trip and landing after weather conditions had been deemed acceptable and the pilot had received a go ahead.”

“The survivors have reported that the flight pilot was unable to land at the time of landing and had to take flight again,” Narimon added, “and this indicates some kind of mechanical failure.”

The Member of Parliament went on to add that the minister of transportation and director general of Iran Air will be questioned at parliament by the developments commission on Sunday regarding aging airplanes and the professional background and experience of the flight pilot.

Mehr reported yesterday that according to the survivors of the fatal crash, the flight had proceeded normally until the moment of landing. The survivors had noted the possibility of “mechanical difficulties in the plane” and the breakdown of one of the engines.

The parliament announced that after release of the black box contents, the minister of transportation may face impeachment.

While the conversations of the flight crew with the control tower are already being investigated, the ministry of transportation has announced that it will take six months to ascertain the actual causes of the crash.

80 people were killed and 26 injured when the Iran Air passenger flight 727 crashed Sunday night near Urumieh, in northwestern Iran.