Khuzestan MPs, who resigned from Parliament yesterday to protest the lack of funding for their province in the government’s proposed 2014 budget, returned today after requests from parliamentary speaker Ali Larijani.

Mohammad Sadat Ebrahimi announced today that the Khuzestan MPs have agreed to return and will later meet with the head of Parliament to discuss their demands.

Ali Larijani had assigned a member of the presiding board of Parliament to convince the MPs to withdraw their resignation.

Meanwhile, Mazandaran MPs have announced their own displeasure with the budget allotments to their province and say they are meeting to discuss a plan of action.

At the same time, members for Kurdistan province have tendered their resignations to the presiding board, also to protest inadequate budgeting for their province.
Reports indicate that many provincial MPs are unhappy with budget reductions for their regions, but Parliament’s presiding board has urged MPs to air their criticism in Parliament when the budget is put to debate.