Maryam Shafipour

Maryam Shafipour, an Iranian student activist who worked on Mehdi Karroubi’s presidential campaign in 2009, has been sentenced to seven years in jail by the Revolutionary court.

Shafipour was arrested last July and held in solitary confinement for 67 days before being released on bail in February.

Kaleme reports that she was threatened by her interrogator that if she failed to accept the charges against her, she would receive a heavy sentence.

Shafipour had reported to her family that she had been subjected to beatings in jail, but her family did not report her treatment while she was in jail for fear of triggering further repercussions against her.

Shafipour, who studied agricultural engineering, was expelled from university for her political activity.

Shafipour was arrested during the election protests of 2009 and give a one-year suspended sentence by the Qazvin Revolutionary Court.