The head of the Tehran Criminal Court says sentences issued for armed robbers, rapists and those who cause public disorder must be carried out in public for the good of society.

Judge Amirabadi Farahani told the Mehr News Agency on Tuesday, September 11: “The judiciary is determined to carry out in public the sentences of armed robbers, rapists and disturbers of peace and order in society.”

His statements come on the day that Sadegh Moradi, a convicted rapist, was hanged in public in Tehran.

“When such sentences are carried out in public,” Amirabadi Farahani said, “those who think they can get away without public shame will see themselves in that position and do away with stupid thoughts.”

He said the public execution of sentences leads to “peace of mind for citizens” and added: “The public, thus, is reassured that the judiciary will not allow criminals to escape without punishment.”

Amirabadi Farahani stressed that once the court decides that the sentence can be carried out in public, then it will be carried out at an appropriate public location.

Sadegh Moradi, the man who was executed in Tehran today, was arrested four years ago while trying to kidnap a woman in the southern part of the city. He was convicted in the kidnapping and rape of 30 women.