Detained Iranian journalists Khosro and Massoud Kordpour had their third court appearance on Monday October 28 at a Mahabad Revolutionary Court.

According to the Mokerian News Agency, they will be handed a final verdict within 10 days.

Citing security reasons, the judge again refused to set bail, and the brothers remain in Mahabad Prison.

The session was attended by the defence lawyers and a number of activists lending support to their peers.

The Kordpour brothers have been charged with “enmity against God”, links to anti-regime groups” and “publishing falsehoods with an aim to disturb public perception.”

Khosro and Massoud Kordpour have denied all charges and stressed that their work has never broken press and media regulations. They have also denied having any links to groups. “I have had no connection with any party or group and have done all my journalistic and press activities with complete independence,” Khosro Kordpour has been quoted as saying.