Abbas Kiarostami

The Japanese government has bestowed its Medal of Honour upon Iranian filmmaker Abbas Kiarostami.

ISNA (Iranian Student News Agency) reported today, Nov. 3, that Japan awarded the honour to Abbas Kiarostami on account of his invaluable services in creating cultural exchanges and mutual understanding between Japan and Iran, elevating the level of filmmaking in Japan as well as spreading Japanese culture in the world. According to the same report, Kiarostami received the medal this morning at the Japanese embassy in Tehran.

Kiarostami directed Like Someone In Love with an all-Japanese cast in 2012 in Japan. The 73-year-old painter, poet, photographer and filmmaker began his career in the 1960s and has since directed many acclaimed films, earning such prizes as the Palme d'Or, the Silver Lion and the Akira Kurosawa Award to name a few.