Mohammad Taghi Rahbar

The Isfahan Friday Mass Imam had declared that it is not written in the Quran that Iranians have to chant “Death to America!” forever.

Hojjatoleslam Mohammad Taghi Rahbar told the Qanon daily: “We chanted ‘Death to USSR!’ for many years. But if Iran-U.S. relations become like our relations with Russia and the U.S. shows good faith, this problem will also be solved.”

The representative of the Iranian Supreme Leader in Isfahan said: “Just as we stopped chanting against the Russians, we will treat the U.S. similarly.”

There is much debate on whether the Islamic Republic establishment will back up the Iranian president’s efforts to smooth diplomatic relations with the U.S., and so far it appears that Iranian Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khamenei and many senior members of the Islamic Republic have remained supportive of the president’s actions.