Two Iranians convicted of a failed plot to kill an Israeli diplomat in Thailand have been sentenced to long prison terms by the Thai court.

On Thursday August 22, Thai media reported that the two Iranian nationals, 29-year-old Saeed Moradi and 43-year-old Mohammad Khazai, were sentenced to life in prison and 15 years in jail respectively.

The court found Saeed Moradi guilty of “transporting explosives in a public area, using explosives with the aim of killing public officials and destroying public property.”

Moradi was arrested in a police chase and threw his explosives during the arrest. He lost both his legs in the process and has been attending the court sessions in a wheelchair.

Mohammad Khazai was sentenced to 15 years in jail for possession of illegal explosives.

Both of the accused deny the charges, and defence council has announced that he will consider appealing the decision after consulting with his clients and their families.

The two accused were arrested in February of 2012, one day after attempts against the lives of Israeli diplomats in Georgia and India. The two Iranians were arrested following an explosion in their rented residence and the tossing of explosives from a taxi.

The police announced that one woman was also involved in the incident but had returned to Iran.