Mehdi Karroubi

Iranian opposition leader, Mehdi Karroubi in a letter addressed to the people of Iran, announced that he is ready to stand in an open and official trial so that the people can hear both sides of the argument and judge for themselves.

Saham News reports that in response to the threats of prosecution made by Iranian officials in the past week against the opposition leaders, Mehdi Karroubi has announced that he will not be swayed by such threats.

He writes: “I have firm evidence for every one of my allegations because it is now 21 years that I am caught up with this matter in various forms and known no peace. So I am ready to see this trial once and for all.”

In the past week, several senior officials of the Islamic Republic, including Tehran Prosecutor and the Minister of Intelligence have announced that the opposition leaders will be prosecuted at an opportune time.

Mehdi Karroubi maintains that the widespread advertising campaign carried out in the past week by Friday prayers leaders and the media is mere “slander and lies” and rejects the existence of any links between the Green Movement and foreign countries.

Mehdi Karroubi and MirHosein Mousavi have challenged the legitimacy of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s victory in the 2009 presidential elections and have come to be regarded as the leaders of a protest movement, also referred to as the Green Movement, which has resulted from the election disputes.

In the past week, conservative factions of the government have ratcheted up attacks against the opposition leaders and head of Student Basij militia, Hossein Ghadiani has even called for their execution.

Ayatollah Sadegh Larijani, head of the judiciary has said however that any action taken by the judiciary against the opposition leaders will have to be sanctioned by the Supreme Leader, Ayatollah Khamenei.