The U.S., Britain and Canada have imposed new sanctions against a number of Iranians for their connections with Iran’s nuclear program and for human rights violations.

British Foreign Minister William Hague announced that 50 Iranian scientists and engineers will be denied visas for travel to Britain, Reuters reports. He added that the restrictions encompass a wide range of scientists, engineers and others involved in Iran’s nuclear program.

The West accuses Iran of gearing its nuclear efforts toward military objectives; however, Iran has repeatedly insisted its nuclear program exists only for energy production.

Canadian Foreign Minister John Baird announced that Canada, Britain and the U.S. will act in unison to stop “human rights violators” and people linked to Iran’s nuclear program from entering the three countries.

International human rights organizations have accused Iran of widespread violations and cracking down on dissidents; most recently, the United Nations Human Rights Council appointed Ahmad Shaheed as the new human rights rapporteur on Iran.

U.S. Secretary of State Hilary Clinton also announced yesterday that the U.S. has imposed visa restrictions on Iranian officials who have been involved in human rights violations.

In a statement, Clinton stressed: “Today’s actions are an important reminder to Iran that the international community will continue to hold accountable those officials who commit human rights abuses and suppress the democratic aspirations of fellow citizens.”

Previously, the U.S. imposed similar restrictions on top officials of Iran’s security forces for their alleged collaboration with Syrian forces in crushing protests in Syria.