The head of Iranian Parliament’s Nuclear Commission says that in the recent nuclear talks in Muscat, the U.S. provided Iran with an eight-page proposal, noting: “the negotiating team will not concede to it.”

Ebrahim Karkhanei told the Tasnim News Agency that the U.S. proposal entails a large reduction in Iran’s centrifuges, the eventual closure of the Arak heavy water facilities, and unlimited and surprise access for the inspection of all nuclear facilities and, by extension, also military facilities.

Karkhanei said: “Such a proposal after one year of intense negotiations and the complete suspension of nuclear activity and the dismantling of a large amount of nuclear stores is an oppressive proposal, and with it, the U.S. has brought the talks back to point zero and is trying to push it through with bullying.”

The MP’s statements have not yet been confirmed by Iran’s nuclear negotiation team.

Last week, the Iranian foreign minister met with U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry and the EU’s Catherine Ashton in Muscat, and no particular progress was reported.

The parties are set to meet later this month in Vienna to continue the talks. The deadline for reaching a final agreement is November 24.