Abdolreza Tajik

The Iranian judiciary confiscated Abdolreza Tajik’s bail money of 500,000 toumans after the persecuted journalist left the country.

Tajik had been arrested on the charge of membership in illegal groups and propaganda against the regime.

His sister, who faced similar charges, was sentenced to one and a half years in prison because of her efforts to release her brother by talking with foreign media. She was charged with propaganda activities against the regime and disturbing public minds.

Abdolreza Tajik was arrested in December of 2009 and released on bail in June of 2010. He left the country following his release.

Tajik was sentenced to six years in jail in the preliminary court but he claims that the verdict of the appeals court has not been officially communicated to him. He adds that he actually heard through the media that the appeals court had confirmed his sentence.

Abdolreza Tajik, who has collaborated with several reformist newspapers in Iran, is currently residing in France.

In 2010, Reporters Without Borders named Abdolreza Tajik the best journalist of the year.