The Iranian foreign minister is promoting the country’s relations with regional countries on a tour of Kuwait, Oman and Qatar.

Mohammad Javad Zarif arrived in Kuwait on Sunday December 1 and after a visit in Oman today, he flew to Qatar for an unscheduled visit.

Zarif has been quoted as saying that Iran is hoping for improved relations with Saudi Arabia and believes that greater Saudi-Iran cooperation will benefit peace and stability in the region.

He added that Saudi Arabia is an important and influential country in the region and the world of Islam, adding that he is prepared to visit Riyadh.

Iran’s relations with the Gulf countries had become highly contentious during the Ahmadinejad presidency.

The recent Geneva agreement between Iran and the world powers has not been well received by Saudi Arabia; however, Iran’s foreign ministry has stressed that the agreement is not to the detriment of any country in the region, adding that it is only in the interest of regional peace.