Works by Iranian artists fetched higher than expected prices at the Dubai's Christie's Auction which made over 12 million dollars in sales on October 21.

ISNA reports that modern and contemporary art from Iran were sold at the Christie's Dubai branch and the sales worth 12.5 million dollars were three times what has been anticipated.

Ninety -five percent of the works put on auction on Tuesday from Iranian artists such as Praviz Tanavoli, Koroush Shishegaran, Sohrab Sepehri, Bahman Mohases, Farhad Moshiri, Marco Gregorian, Masoud Arabshahi, Leyla Matin Daftari, Houshang Pezeshknia and Monouchehr Yektayi were sold.

Works by Mohases and Shishegaran fetched some of the highest prices paid.

A 1962 piece from Parviz Tanavoli also received special interest being sold at $365,000, three times the value set for the painting prior to the auction.

Christie's auctioned 122 works of art; while 36 were by Iranian artisits, there were also works from Iraqi, Lebanese, Syrian, Palestinian, Jordanian and Moroccan artists.