The twelfth Christie’s auction of Arab, Iranian and Turkish modern and contemporary art was held at Dubai’s twin towers this week.

The two-day auction reportedly ended last night with 114 items sold.

On the first night, nine top Iranian pieces were amongst the 40 items that sold for a reported total of $4 million.

Of the 114 pieces sold on the second night, 33 were by Iranian artists, including the sculptor and painter Parviz Tanavoli. His two sculptures “Poet’s Family” and “Wall” sold for $62,000 and $37,000 respectively.

A calligraphy piece by Nasrollah Afjai entitled “Wave” sold for $74,000.

“Golden Goddess” by Farhad Moshiri and “Hurricane” by Afshin PirHashemi sold for $98,000 and $86,000 respectively.

The highest price paid for an Iranian piece was $116,000 for “Seeded Pomegranate” by Reza Derakhshani.