The Iranian wrestling team beat Russia 6-2 in the finals to win gold at the 2014 Freestlyle Wrestling World Cup in Los Angeles.

Backed by a boisterous crowd of supporters, Iran met Russia on Sunday evening after beating Armenia, Turkey, the U.S. and India in Pool A.

Russia had gained top position in Pool B, defeating Ukraine, Georgia, Mongolia and Japan.

The U.S. team won the bronze match, beating Ukraine 7-1.

This is the third straight year that Iran has won the World Wrestling Cup.Rasoul Khadem was head of the Iranian Wrestling team in this round of championships.

In the finals, Hassan Rahimi conceded defeat in the 57 kg category but Massoud Esmailpour and Ahmad Mohammadi gained the upper hand in the 67 and 71 kg categories.

Then Mostafa Hosseinkhani attained a 9-0 victory over his Russian counterpart but the fifth match with Ezzatollah Akbari went to Russia.

In the last three matches, Ehsan Lashkari, Reza Yazdani and Komeyl Ghassemi downed their counterparts in the 86, 97 and 125 kg categories, sealing the team's final victory.