Bushehr Nuclear Plant

Iran will get full control of the Bushehr Nuclear Power plant by the end of December 2012, says a Russian contractor now running the plant.

The Ria Novosti news agency announced that Igor Meznin, local operation chief of the nuclear plant’s Russian contractor, said the Bushehr power generation plant will be handed over to Iran “in the last week of December.”

He added that before then, Atomestroyexport, the Russian contractors for the plant, will conduct a series of trials to ensure the plant’s safety.

On August 31, the plant reached its full capacity for power generation.

Meznin added that Iranian personnel are now being trained to take over the full operation of the plant.

Construction began on the Bushehr Nuclear Plant more than 35 years ago, but its development was halted due to the 1979 Revolution. The project was dropped by Siemens in the wake of the Revolution and then picked up in 1992 by Russian contractors, but it went through several delays before finally being launched last year.