Ali Asghar Soltanieh

Ali Asghar Soltaneih, who represents Iran at the International Atomic Energy Agency, says many of his country’s differences with the IAEA were resolved during their meeting of Wednesday February 13.

ISNA reports that Soltanieh announced the resolution of “some differences and agreement over the text of modalities” following the meeting with the IAEA delegation in Tehran; he added that the parties are to review the new proposals and exchange views in the next session.

This is the third time the IAEA delegation has met with Iranian negotiators in the past three months to resolve the disputes over Iran’s nuclear program.

A main point of dispute is the wish by nuclear inspectors to visit Parchin Military Base, which Iran claims is not linked to its nuclear program and, because it is a military site, such a visit by inspectors would pose security risks. Iran has accused the IAEA of being loose with the information that it has been allowed to gather about Iran’s nuclear program.

Iranian authorities have alleged that the assassination of Iranian nuclear scientists in recent years could be linked to such potential leaks of information gathered by the IAEA about Iran’s nuclear activities.