Four individuals arrested in connection with the explosions in Chabahar last year in southwestern Iran were handed the death sentence by Zahedan Revolutionary court.

Zahedan prosecutor told ISNA that the preliminary sentences of these detainees were sent to Tehran for confirmation and that about 20 people were arrested in connection with the deadly explosions in Chabahar in December.

A suicide bomber caused an explosion in Chabahar in December during a public procession causing the death of 39 and many more injuries. The authorities announced that three people were involved in the attack and while one was killed by the explosion, the other two were arrested.

Jundollah organization claimed responsibility for this attack following the explosion.

Five days after the explosion in Chabahar, Iran executed 11 “supporters and connections” of Jundollah at Zahedan Prison for charges of “enmity against God, corruption of the earth and antagonism with the regime.”

Iranian authorities arrested Jundollah leader, Abdolmalek Rigi, in December of 2009 and executed him last June.

Jundallah is a militant group in southwestern Iran that claims to fight for the rights of Sunni minorities in the region.